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Dissemination Meetings for the KA1 Training Course ‘Efficient & Effective Management of EU funded projects’

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The participants of the project ‘Developing competencies for effective and efficient project management of EU funded projects’ (2019-1-EL01-KA104-061085) hosted Informative Events in the permisses of E-school Educational Group.

They presented them with the activities that took place throughout their training with ShipCon Limassol Ltd at this session. The emphasis was not just on the learning objectives, but also on the numerous intercultural benefits that this Mobility had to offer, as participants met and came across colleagues from dozens of European nations and even more organizations, institutions, and colleges.

Furthermore, several of the attendees had never heard of Erasmus before, so this was an opportunity for them to learn about Erasmus+ as well as the many ways they may engage in Erasmus+ projects based on their needs and skills.

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